This is a collection of my recent editorial illustration work. If you are interested in seeing some self promotional work please go to my ‘uncommissioned work’ page


Commission from Author’s Guild for the cover of their bulletin. ‘Writing in community’ was the theme.


Cover illustration for Dallas Observer about Police read here


Cover for Dallas Observer about the lack of funding for the province of Kleberg-Rylie  read here


woman happiness vend

For Breathe Magazine for an article called ‘the pursuit of Happiness’.


Commission for Legion Scotland Today magazine. This issue is about veterans reflection of D day 80 years ago.


Illustration for Mr Porter online Journal.for an article about having just five pairs of shoes for different purposes and circulating them.

Read article here:


edge magazine cover about navigating change

  Cover illustration for Edge magazine about companies navigating through change in a changing world.


business recovery from recession

Illustration for Edge magazine about how small businesses can protect themselves from folding



Illustration for Art in America opener image of ‘The Guide’ ( previous image is the cover) the brief is to celebrate 40th anniversary

of the publication by showing museum and galleries in the shape of ’40’.



Re-work for Annual report cover for a company called Hiscox who deals with cyber security insurance.


Illustration Alumni magazine for a short story about a gender-fluid identifying child who wore different colour sneakers to school to make a statement.


hacker stealing data through wifi

Illustration for a data analytics publication about hackers stealing data becoming more common.


For BBC Focus magazine about using forensics for historic convictions.


For Dallas Observer about how Dallas is facing it’s history of slavery in the cotton industry.


Illustration for Step Journal about how the concept of the modern family has changed over the years.


teamwork collaborative leadership

Illustration for Edge magazine about collaborative team based leadership.


vending machine with workers

Cover illustration for Building Engineer magazine about building safety managers.


Illustration for economics magazine about whether the pledges made at COP26 will have any effect or are they just empty words.


art gallery

Illustration for France-Amerique magazine for a story about the struggles of art galleries during the coronavirus pandemic.


career woman climbing ladder cut down

Illustration for an article entitled ‘almost onboard’, about people who have been offered jobs and had them withdrawn at the last minute leaving them left cut adrift.


woman shining torch into tunnel

For Mindful magazine about dealing with depression of a spouse.


workplace during pandemic

Illustration for Biz New Orleans magazine about the measures post-covid workplaces will take.


This was for Biz New Orleans magazine about the top 10 stories of 2020; small businesses closing, empty office spaces, fuel prices dropped and people being evicted to name a few.


For New York Times about choosing a judge for the supreme court


direction in leadership

For Edge magazine about good leadership in business


Illustration about coronavirus and self isolation

For Swiss magazine Weltwoche about working from home and self isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak


Front cover illustration for the Economist about misleading financial information


For Tesco Magazine about pensions and saving for retirement.


health service workers

For a health service magazine about the people who helped protect us from the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and scientists.


illustration about social media helping people to recycle

Illustration for Circular magazine about social media helping to encourage people to recycle.


illustration for wall street journal about employee happiness

 cover Illustration for Wall Street Journal about companies monitoring their employees’ happiness.


editorial illustration about 5G, with generation technology

Editorial illustration for Which? magazine about 5G technology


Editorial illustration about gender specific medicine by John Holcroft illustrator

I illustrated this for BBC Science Focus magazine for a feature about how gender specific medicines could be a reality in future.


editorial illustration of asylum seekers being evicted

I did this piece for Inside Housing magazine for a feature about asylum seekers in glasgow being evicted and locks in their home changed.



For Time Higher education magazine about microaggression.


people divided by opinion can be good for an economy's harmony

This was for Dutch publication Opinie magazine. People divided by opinion can make democracy work better

           Part 2 of the piece for Opinie magazine. This shows that division in opinion can be constructive



By John Holcroft editorial illustrator about teenagers having bad relationship with parents

This was for the Guardian weekend magazine for a feature about parents’ relationship with their children. Are they building the wall or taking it down? Parents need to know what alienates them from their children and how to have a healthy relationship.


editorial illustration about NHS technology

This was for BVCA magazine about how the NHS is updating technology so it can run smoother and become better connected


editorial illustrator John Holcroft, image about immigration and attracting talent from abroad.

For Harvard Magazine about USA attracting talented medical and engineering graduates from over-seas.

editorial illustration about women's health by conceptual illustrator John Holcroft

Double page spread for women’s health magazine about the ‘nurses’ health study’; an ongoing survey from women to gather health information over the years to eventually give a clear overall picture of general health in order to help  new generations.


editorial illustration for optometry today magazine bu John Holcroft illustrator

This was for Optometry Today magazine about care packages in the optometry industry.



editorial illustration about waiting and patience

For Chicago magazine  about waiting is for something is a good way to test your patience and the outcome will be more rewarding.



editorial illustration about social media especially facebook and more people are deleting their profiles, by John Holcroft

For Which magazine? about deleting Facebook.


illustration about election hacking by John Holcroft

For BBC Focus magazine about election hacking



lazy teenagers, conceptual illustration by John Holcroft

    Magazine illustration for TES about young people not wanting to do very much but stay in their room.


conceptual Illustration of woman CEO cutting tape to free workforce, about freedom of thought

For Drucker forum magazine about cutting free the workforce and encouraging them to think without restrictions.


 magazine illustration about seeking justice (

This was for Health and safety magazine editorial illustration about seeking justice after the accidental death of a loved one.


For Barren’s magazine about  ‘LIBOR’ a benchmark interest rate is becoming debunked.


Illustration about mental resilience by John Holcroft

For Edge magazine about mental resilience.



baby, technology, devices, digital,

For Waitrose weekend magazine, editorial illustration about technology and youth.



requirement minimum distributions and retirement (

For Wall Street Journal, editorial illustration about harvesting investments RMD in retirement plan.


Cost of construction (

For Construction Manager magazine, editorial illustration about investing in public building construction.


mind and body in one (

For the Guardian, about mind and body being connected.


John Holcroft Illustrator

For a finance magazine, about a forecast for 2017.


artisans in the film industry (

For an arts Magazine editorial illustration about film artisans.


John Holcroft Illustrator

For TES, editorial illustration about the ‘shanarri’ method of helping special needs children.


John Holcroft Illustrator

For Guardian weekend magazine, about new year’s frugality with spending.


John Holcroft Illustrator

For Reason magazine, about the supply chain.


shopping app, illustration

For Drapers magazine, about phone apps that help clothes shoppers.


Gig economy and self employed, freelancers relaxed while working (

For a Business magazine, cover illustration about the ‘Gig economy’ and the flexibility of being freelance.


John Holcroft

For Utility magazine, about the recent change in energy regulation causing disproportionate uproar describing it as ‘a storm in a teacup’.


money ladder showing success (

For Money Sense magazine about personal investments.


man asleep in hour glass about time being money (

For the Guardian, about: time is money.


designer labels and women shopping for the perfect dress (

For Drapers magazine, editorial illustration about the importance of labels in clothes shopping.


gig economy woman holding down several jobs (

For Human resources magazine, editorial illustration about making ends meet in the ‘gig economy’.


conservation and wild life costs

For BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) about the balance of cost and conservation.


foreign university student needing help and support

For an education magazine, illustration about overseas students needing extra support.


John Holcroft Illustrator

For Radio Times showcasing a radio show, about depression in children leading to illness later in life.


John Holcroft Illustrator

For BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) about bird watcher traveling through the night to hotspots.


For ‘Les Inrockuptibles‘ a French political media magazine,editorial illustration  about Russian propaganda on RT channel.


nurses under stress and pressure can cause tiredness leading to illness (

For Nursing Standard, about nurses under pressure.


Basic skills to success (

For Bulletin magazine, editorial illustration about in attributes that make success.


stress and depression in the work place (

For Health and Safety magazine, editorial illustrations about stress in the workplace. Entitled: locking up the ‘S’ word.

activities, sports and arts to try over the year

For Waitrose weekend magazine, editorial illustrations about ‘things to try in 2018’


kit to make a successful employee

For Construction Manager magazine, about building the perfect manager of a construction company.


outsourcing, machine, staff, illustration, editorial

For Harvard Magazine, editorial illustration about outsourced workers becoming anodyne.


John Holcroft Illustrator

For Berengerg magazine, about the profits of  sanitation products like tissues, cotton buds and women’s hygiene products.


John Holcroft Illustrator

For Contagious magazine, about the Yin and Yang balance between manual and robotic workmanship working together.

young people addicted to technology, conceptual illustration by John Holcroft

For Positive News magazine, editorial illustration about young people receiving therapy for technology addiction.


young people talking to none family and friends in confidence

For Harvard magazine, about how most young people choose to confide in someone other than family and friends.


housing and public services being linked (

For Inside Housing magazine, editorial illustration about linking communities.

attracting people like a magnet (

For Informa annual report, about business conventions attracting people from around the world.


Eurozone (

For Financial Times, about the Eurozone.


John Holcroft Illustrator

For Deloitte University Press, about the squeeze in promotions revenue.


planning map (

For Planning magazine about removing a toll road in the planning stage.


Tv cookery (

For food magazine, about TV cookery programmes.


For Richmond Publishing, these were used in a language book

   Magazine illustration for Radio Times,  for a radio show about the science behind Dr Seuz.


plummeting pound editorial illustration by John Holcroft

For finance magazine, about safeguarding plummeting currency.


editorial illustration by John Holcroft

  Magazine illustration for Adweek cover about television in a new era.



editorial illustration by John Holcroft

  Magazine illustration for Print Week, cover illustration about family businesses.


horror films

For Vue magazine, a competition to spot 20 horror film references.


Breaking free from the crowd and innovating (

For Ambition magazine, about braking away from the usual way of doing business and finding other avenues.


For the Guardian, about small victories, little but often will eventually in time win overall.



European bureaucracy (

For Financial Times, about EU regulations affecting business in Europe.


Ebola outbreak and injecting help (

For Financial Times, about how foreign investment was used to help the E coli outbreak.



Traffic lights food labelling system (

For Waitrose magazine, about traffic light food labelling.