I work in a studio near Sheffield UK, for clients around the world.

My past clients include: Guardian, FT, Telegraph, Times, Radio Times, BBC, Independent, Walker books, Experien, Reader’s digest, Economist, TES, Informa Plc, New York Times, Honda, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Magazine, Waitrose, New Scientist and many others.



.I have always wanted to be an artist of some kind, as a child I was always creating something from stuff around the house. Raised in Lancashire England and relocating to Yorkshire at the age of nine during the early 80s when miners were on strike and Kool & the gang were in the charts, saturday morning cartoons and tree-house building were typical pastimes but didn’t compare to the joy of receiving a brand-new drawing book and pens.

After leaving school I pursued a career in Graphic design, later I was to realise it to be a bad move, for the late 80s was a time of change in technology. College taught us using pens, rulers and photo-transfer machines yet the real world was gearing up for a digital revolution.  I was among those caught up in that transition period and discovering that the industry were just taking on ‘Mac operators’.

Old Style painted in acrylics in 1996

My lack of digital knowledge spurred me on to take a slight turn in my career path, one that didn’t need a computer. In 1996 I officially became freelance and started out painting with acrylics on canvas paper.  I loved using this medium, however by 2001 I decided to shed my Luddite ways and embrace technology and jump on the digital bandwagon. My illustrative style has evolved over the years and reinvented it’s self several times. Having been admirers of artists like: David Cutter, Mark Ryden and Edward Hopper, I believe my work probably wouldn’t exist without their influences. For those who have been brought up without computers and social media it’s quite a learning curve but I feel my work has benefited as a result and being plugged into the social network has not only got my work seen but gave me the ability to see a broader spectrum of illustrative styles.



I get asked a lot about prints and where you can buy them. You can buy signed – limited edition prints from etsy and other kinds of merchandise from society6. I also get asked whether I plan to publish a book featuring my work but as yet I’ve not been approached by any publishers. It would be good to have a book published one day!


I own the copyright all all my work and if you need a licence to use any of my existing images please contact me to buy the appropriate licence.

Please do not use my work without the correct licence.

I am represented by: Lindgren and Smith,  who deal with clients from USA and Canada. Otherwise if you need any specific information regarding quotes, deadlines or anything else please contact me.


In 2015 I entered the AOI and London Transport Museum competition entitles ‘London places and spaces’ in which I was short listed for exhibition. I am currently entering some of my work in the  CGTrader Digital Art Competition.


John Holcroft conceptual and editorial Illustrator

This is a magazine interview I recently did. I do quite a lot of these but very few in Print, in fact the only ones I’ve done for a printed magazine were for a Spanish and  German publications. I have them here but I’m going to stick to English. Here is a link onto one of many online interviews .The questions I get are usually banal however this writer has made an effort to ask interesting questions.