London Poster John Holcroft conceptual illustrator

AOI poster competition entry in connection with LTM, entitles ‘London stories’. This year it’s about literary characters based in London.

John Holcroft Illustrator

For Glico (Japanese confectionary company) the poster was to promote 11/11, a sharing promotional drive.


John Holcroft Illustrator

These 5 illustrations were for Marvis toothpaste, they were part of an Instagram drive with other artists.




John Holcroft

4 Posters for Williamstown theatre festival

For a play called ‘Hapgood’ about a woman MI5 agent in London


For play called ‘American Hero’ about striking working in a sandwich shop.


For a play about baseball


For a play called ‘Blood Play’; about an eccentric cocktail party.


John Holcroft Illustrator

Did this for a society6 calendar


John Holcroft Illustrator

This was a competition entry for 2015 AOI ‘London places and spaces’, it was shortlisted to exhibition at the London transport museum.

This was a competition entry for 2016 AOI ‘sounds of the city’, unfortunately it didn’t make the shortlist.


John Holcroft

For Waitrose magazine about micro breweries.


John Holcroft


John Holcroft

This was a chocolate box design for an African charity who’s raises awareness for fair-trade farmers and the use of child labour in coco plantations.







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