I have been working in conceptual illustration since 1996 and in this time I have worked on a wide variety of publications, ie business, financial, medical, lifestyle and corporate. The work on this page is a selection of my work to showcase my style’s potential. If you would like to see commissioned work please click here

Illustration about how disposable workers on the gig economy are.


About scientific innovation


About the possible future problems with AI: job losses, election fraud, identity fraud and more


 Illustration showing the horror of the food price increases for ordinary people during cost of living crisis.


A re-work of an old illustration about gender inequality.


Illustration about email marketing.


Illustration about overworked and underpaid nurses.


About the cost of pharmaceuticals.


Illustration about online security


mental health, anxiety, depression

Illustration about mental health and anxiety.


shopper with bar code scanned

Illustration about how our data is used and how much information shops have about us


hand putting trees into mincer

Illustration about the exploitation of natural resources for commercial use.


Illustration about the jobs becoming obsolete due to AI.


dna handcuff, criminal

Illustration about retrospective criminal convictions due to DNA profiling.


Illustration about the affect dementia has on family members.


Illustration about romance scams. People are being groomed over time by online predators who gain their trust with the intent on taking their money.


Business start, illustration

Illustration about a guide to starting a business.


mental health depression

Illustration about recognising the signs of depression and getting help.


Illustration about suffering with mental health.


Illustration about some people who rush marriage without truly knowing their partner’s past.


Illustration about maths anxiety.


Gun crime family funeral

Illustration to show that gun crime also kills the victims’ loved ones.


About taking relationships to the next level being a mutual decision




Illustration about how counselling can help when suffering with many forms of mental illness.


Illustration about dealing with personal fears


Illustration about mental wellbeing and how to look after it with a kit that takes care of all aspects of mental wellbeing: sleep, nutrition, puzzles, pets, music etc..



About how war is preventing the possibility for world peace


rollercoaster of family on pump train where the handle in a pound sign, about cost of living crisis

About the cost of living crisis


self belief

Illustration about believing in yourself



Believe lie. about propaganda and misinformation

Illustration about misinformation and propaganda.


Family squeezing finances

Illustration about the squeeze on the cost of living.



Illustration about children exploited for cheap labour to make everyday products that we buy.



man escaping from computer desk job

Illustration of office worker escaping his mundane office job for a more challenging career.


brain tree

Illustration about nurturing the mind.


recycling plastic harmful to wildlife

Illustration about how we were mislead to think that 100% of our plastic was being recycled when in fact only a tiny percentage has. Around 90% of it has been sent to Asia where it is either incinerated or dumped with a huge amount ending up in the ocean killing wildlife.



money bear trap

About financial scams.


why people must vote in the election

This illustration is about why people need to vote in elections


man and woman working conflicting shift patterns affecting their relationship

This is about people having to work unsociable hours to make ends meet. Shift patterns conflict causing problems with relationships.



illustration about phishing email scams

Illustration about phishing scams


editorial illustration about Career stagnation

Editorial illustration about how a career can seem like it’s going nowhere.


illustration called 'ladder to success' it's about dealing with failure

Illustration about failing career goals


conceptual illustration about consumerism hindering the fight against climate change

This is about consumerism hindering the fight against climate change


conceptual illustration about the rising cost of pharmaceuticals

This self promotional piece is about the rising cost of pharmaceuticals


This illustration is about how healthcare is trying to cut the amount of bureaucracy to free up time for patient care.


About low self esteem and lack of self belief holding you back from being who you truly could be

Conceptual illustration about how having no self belief or confidence can hold you back from being your true self.


conceptual illustration about hope and optimism by John Holcroft

This is called ‘Making Rainbows’ and is about hope and optimism, making something good out of a bad situation. This is available as a signed limited edition print from etsy.com


Conceptual illustration of man waiting for interview who is nervous and had anxiety

This is about releasing anxiety in preparation for interviews. Available as a print at society6.com


Conceptual illustration about business agreements and lack of trust for finance magazines by John Holcroft

Editorial illustration about is about trust in business and not knowing who you’re really dealing with


digital, editorial illustration about happiness, the concept is about the elements needed to build happiness, by John Holcroft

Happiness kit, the elements needed to build a happy life. This can be bought as a merchandise from society6 and as a signed print from etsy.com


Editorial illustration about the earth and the environment for magazines on such issues. By John Holcroft

The earth is slipping through our fingers. This illustration was to show how the earth is taken for granted and the beauty see now could be lost in the near future.

This can be bought as a merchandise from society6 and as a signed print from etsy.com



Conceptual illustration about Alzheimers disease for health magazines, by John Holcroft

‘Self leaves’ is about people suffering from Alzheimers and dementia


Conceptual illustration about social media and how addictive likes can be, for magazines by John Holcroft

Editorial illustration about how addictive ‘likes’ can be



Conceptual illustration about recovering from depression, for health and medical magazines.

Recovering from depression





Conceptual illustration about how plastic is killing millions of marine creatures every day, for lifestyle and ecology magazines by John Holcroft

Illustration about ocean plastic which you can buy as a signed print here



Conceptual illustration by John Holcroft about turning 'austerity' into 'prosperity' on a game board

 Illustration about turning austerity into prosperity



Conceptual illustration about home owners and the cost of maintaining a house, by John Holcroft

The financial pitfalls of being a home owner


Conceptual illustration about about teenagers on devices for too long, for lifestyle magazines by John Holcroft conceptual illustrator

 About teenagers on device for long periods


Conceptual illustration by John Holcroft about business office workers and the tedium of the everyday commute, for lifestyle magazines

Conceptual illustration about the daily commute